I normally ask for $250.00 to perform for 3 hours - and this will include all required PA/sound equipment for the event. If there is already qualified sound equipment from a DJ or other musicians, I may be able to plug directly into their system and provide you a discount. Please note that I'll need to assess the quality of the sound equipment before agreeing to use another system. This is to ensure I provide the best level of service and that quality is not compromised. This assessment is usually a simple discussion with the DJ or other musician.
Definitely. Chamorro songs are some of my favorite to play!
Absolutely! If you give me enough time in advance, I'd be happy to take a shot at learning specific songs to perform for you. Please keep in mind there might be some limitations to my abilities, so I may have to decline some requests. For instance, someone once asked if I could sing a Beyonce song. ;)
Yes, once I receive the booking request and we agree on the details and price, I have a simple online contract that I ask for you to agree upon and sign. This is just so that we're on the same page about everything and I can ensure you receive the best service. This quick process is done through my website - I'll send you a link, you'll complete the form, agree to the terms and submit. Confirmations of the contract will be emailed immediately upon submitting.

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In order to reserve the date/time of your event, I ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Until the deposit is made, I must entertain other booking requests for the same date/time that may come in after yours. If you are committed to your date, I highly recommend making the deposit as soon as possible so that I'm able to turn away any other booking requests.

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